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Would you sleep on ‘The Throne’? – 4 Everyday Skincare Tips

Pink Toilet and skincare tips

Here are some of our esthetician’s top 4 everyday skincare tips:

What do Pillows and toilets have in common??

Studies have shown that lab samples of toilet seats and pillowcases are nearly identical?!  Your pillow is as much a breeding ground for bacteria as your toilet!!  Add dirt, oil, dust, and dead skin, and you can see why your pillowcase could be the last thing you want caressing your skin all night. Sleep on freshly laundered pillowcases as often as possible. Microbes multiply rapidly so wash your pillowcases every two or three nights.

About those towels: Do you really want to rub your face with something that spends much of their time damp (bacteria multiplies fastest in wet environments) and in the bathroom (where bursts of microscopic germs are spread with each flush of the toilet)!? Dry your face with a fresh towel every day.

Not washing your face

The solution here is simple, cleanse your skin in the AM and PM. Many think that washing in the morning is over-kill, I mean, after all, you didn’t even go out? Overnight, your skin sheds dead skin cells and sweats. Your morning cleanse is the time to remove that buildup and prep your skin for the products ahead. When you apply skincare treatments to skin that’s still covered in a layer of last night’s product, dead skin cells, and oil, you’re not only diluting the effectiveness of the product but also clogging your pores.

Glasses, phones, and makeup brushes – Oh my!!

Honestly, did you know that the bacteria count on makeup brushes left unclean for a month reaches a figure deemed too high to measure? GROSS!! Brushes aren’t the only culprits coming in contact with your skin. Glasses collect oil and bacteria, plus create a home for sweat and dead skin cells to get trapped. And yes your sacred cell phone – that little device attached at the ear throughout the day majorly collects dirt, oil, and bacteria. You want to clean them regularly with an anti-bacterial wipe on your glasses and cell phone and wash your makeup brushes twice monthly

Not washing your hands before applying skincare

You should ALWAYS wash your hands before cleansing your face—what’s the point of pushing around cleanser with dirty fingers? Washing your hands before you apply skincare products is less obvious, but just as necessary. Here’s why. Let’s say your morning routine consists of two products, serum, and moisturizer. In order for your skin to properly soak up the benefits of the serum, you need to wait at least 3-5 minutes for the product to sink in. Five minutes in the morning is precious, so you’re probably multi-tasking checking email, social media, packing a lunch, getting dressed—whatever it is, your hands did not stay pristinely clean. Wash them before you apply your next layer of skincare to avoid transferring the germs from your keyboard (or kitchen, or closet) to your face. 

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