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Treating Acne Scars

Deep pitted or textured acne scars are common for those who have suffered from severe acne or picked vigorously at their skin. This can be a demoralizing and an emotionally charged issue. It can deeply affect self-esteem and therefore can really impact one’s life.

There are treatments that can really help improve the look of acne scars and help smooth out the skin. It’s VERY important to see an expert esthetician who really knows what they are doing and has tons of experience working with this condition in order to obtain the best results and to reduce any potential side effects.

Depending upon the severity of the acne scars I have several custom treatments/procedures to choose from that have produced extraordinary results in my clients! These include any one or combination of the following: AHA treatments, peels, fractional cellular regeneration and more.

Come in for a consultation and see what I can do for you <3


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