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Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure causes skin damage

90% OF SKIN DAMAGE is caused by sun exposure.

Even 1 unprotected day can ‘undo’ any progress you have made in healing your skin, lightening your hyperpigmentation and protecting your skin.
Since sun damage is cumulative it continues to add up over time, there is no starting over.
Most of the damage is under the skin for years before it mutates cells and makes its way to the surface and starts to show and cause actinic keratosis or seborrheic keratosis or even skin cancer…

The most effective way (the ONLY one our skincare expert recommends) to protect and prevent is a physical block to the sun exposure. This means Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc which deflects the UV back (bounces off your skin).
Chemical sunscreens are not the same as physical blocks. You can look at your ingredients and see a bunch of ingredients listed with chemical-sounding names. Your skin must actually absorb some UV to activate the chemicals (not good) which are also absorbed into your skin (also not good).

Our Esthetician (Francine) swears by only 1 sunblock. It’s ISDIN from Spain and is a micronized physical sunblock with DNA repairsome technology along with Vitamin E that can help repair some of the damage that’s already done.

Don’t let your day in the sun, make you pay later.

Sun Exposure can cause sun damage