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The Skin Whisperer

The Skin Whisperer

There are a multitude of skin experts out there so you may wonder, “Why are you so special?”  Skin experts all have different experiences, differing knowledge and expertise along with various styles in their treatment room. I have a perspective based on my own experience, extensive knowledge, education and creativity. The way that I treat skin is uniquely intuitive, meaning that much of what happens in my treatment room is influenced by my gut feeling and by ‘reading’ what the skin needs from moment to moment.

Coming from many, many years in Medical Esthetics, my perspective is influenced by that time and over-all experience with the skin. Skin has also been SUCH a passion and personal journey for me. Being naturally inquisitive, someone who needs to understand EVERYTHING, and who truly has a desire and commitment to help and empower others won’t allow me to do it any other way!

I don’t understand the mind-set or accept any one-dimensional approach to treating a skin condition if you want make a real and long-lasting change. In fact, I’ve never seen that happen! It makes absolutely no sense to me!  It’s impossible to treat skin conditions with simply medication, strictly home-care or only professional treatments!! You have to get at its root cause in order to create an environment where real change is possible. It’s about a comprehensive plan. It’s about beauty from the inside out.

Our skin is a reflection of what’s going on within.  Do you ever wonder why you get a breakout before a huge work presentation or why you get deep, painful cysts during your cycle? Perplexed by all those teeny, tiny bumps all over your forehead after a night out eating tacos or having a dessert or cocktails with friends? Skin is directly linked to gut-health as well as genetics and external factors. This is why you MUST look at the whole picture!!

I practice a Holistic skin approach based on ancient practices that involve treating the skin in a “whole” way. I look at the comprehensive picture, which goes beyond your external symptoms to understand the root cause of skin imbalances, which means it’s a whole lot more than just cleansers and moisturizers. Your skin is your largest organ, communicating with internal and external forces daily, and it needs to maintain the correct balance to function optimally. Holistic skin-care is the act of carefully selecting products, ingredients, effective home-care and professional treatments that will heal your skin while engaging in lifestyle practices that energetically support the mind, body, and spiritual connection to keep these systems in equilibrium.

How does this play out in my treatments? The first thing I do before I even touch a client’s skin is asking them ALOT of questions! Those of you who know me know that this is true!! I inquire about diet, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, physical activity, menstrual cycles, hygiene and more. These questions are so important because all of these factors impact the flow of energy and health within the body. If someone’s energy is blocked- from stress or even digestive issues – it can impact that energy flow, which in turn, can cause inflammatory responses in their skin.

While factoring all of this into a sustainable skin-care routine can seem overwhelming or even impossible, a few easy tweaks will leave you with rewarding results.  Calling on the professional recommendations I use in my practice, I will use a straightforward ‘life-style’ approach to help guide you through treating your skin concerns ‘wholistically’ and empowering your process at home.