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Is the SPF in Makeup Enough?

SPF in Makeup

When I ask clients if they protect their skin from UV rays daily with a sunblock, many tell me yes, there’s SPF in my makeup.


Sorry, it is NOT Enough to Protect You From the harmful rays of the Sun.

If you’ve stocked up on SPF infused primers, foundations, bronzers, and beyond, we applaud your dedication to protecting yourself from the sun.  But—sorry to disappoint—SPF makeup is just no substitute for real deal sunscreen. Let’s take it one step farther.

Makeup with SPF MAY give you something minuscule but it should be considered a COMPLIMENT to a regular application of sunblock, NOT A REPLACEMENT. Most makeup SPF is too low, it’s not actually a “block”, and it is not photo-stable, meaning in about one hour it will stop working.

Makeup with an SPF affects UVB radiation only. OFFERS ABSOLUTELY NO PROTECTION on dangerous UVA rays responsible for aging and cancer. Most makeups don’t have any coverage against UVA rays that go through your car/home windows, through clouds, the rainstorms, and the snow. Your skin is important, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. Protect it by putting on sunscreen in addition to that SPF Makeup you’ve got. You’ll be glad you did. Preventative is the way to go when it comes to skin care.

Contact us if you need help finding a skin care product that will help protect your skin.

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