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Get Sexy Skin

Unequivocally sex can improve your skin! Maybe a good roll in the hay is all that your skin needs to push your skincare routine over the proverbial edge. You may ask “exactly how having more sex is good for our skin?”

  1. It makes you sweat
    Getting sexy can make you break a sweat just like your favorite spin class. Sweating helps purge your pores of dirt and sebum plugs, preventing blackheads and pore congestion.
  2. It’s anti-inflammatory
    When you have sex, your body is flooded with oxytocin, a powerful happy hormone. It has an abundance of amazing effects on many parts of the body and the skin is no exception. One of them is that oxytocin decreases inflammation and can help enhance the skin’s natural healing processes. That means a reduction in blemishes, redness, and inflammatory conditions like rosacea and eczema.
  3. It gives that glow
    By increasing circulation sex brings fresh blood flow to the surface of your skin. This blood rush can help increase skin radiance and give you a healthy-looking glow! Fresh flow of oxygenated blood can also help advance your skin’s natural regeneration abilities.
  4. It boosts estrogen
    Still another benefit of a healthy sex life is that it increases your body’s estrogen levels which are major players for improving skin elasticity, increasing collagen production, hydration, and plumpness—four major factors in youthful-looking skin. It can also improve acne by balancing out an over-abundance of testosterone
  5. It balances your immune system
    Sex helps your immune system! A balanced immune system is important for more than just your ability to fight off the flu. It can help ward off acne-causing bacteria and may even play a part in stabilizing conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Do it for your skin!

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