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Cancellation Policy

I respect and value your time as I hope you do mine.
When you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up we are unable to accommodate clients who have been waiting to come into the practice and we are unable to fill your allotted 80 or 120 minute appointment time in our schedule, you will incur a fee.
Thank you
The Fine Print:
If you cancel or re-schedule 48 hours or more in advance there is no fee.

For less than 48 hours cancellation  there is a fee of $150
For ‘no-shows’ or ‘day of’ cancellations the fee is the full price of the booked service.
If you are late to your appointment  (LESS than 15 minutes) you lose that amount of time from your treatment.
If you are late to your appointment for ANY reason (15 minutes or MORE) you will be considered a no-show and subject to the price of the booked service.
Thank you for your respect and understanding.