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Achievement unlocked: glowing skin thanks to lovely skincare guru Francine Panelli. Highly recommended for a relaxing and effective facial treatment! Francine really knows her stuff and I found my facial to be full of educational moments. She really takes care of your skin and highlights the important ingredients to look for in skincare! I already booked my next appointment with her because my face deserves the best.

Selena R.

Francine is truly the most knowledgeable and passionate esthetician around. Her background in the sciences, passion for healthy skin, and desire for confident clients shines in her approach. My experience was nothing short of amazing. She took the time to get to know me, my skin, and explain the science behind my skin and skincare based on her research and in-depth education. What I loved most about my facial experience was her attentiveness to my needs and commitment to finding solutions to all my concerns. She not only is incredibly intelligent, which immediately makes you trust her. She welcomes you in with such kindness and really helps you feel comfortable no matter what condition your skin is in. I am proud to say I have found my go-to gal. Francine is qualified and capable of transforming your skin and helping you feel and look the best version of yourself.

Monica W.

Recommended for clients with ACNE!! Francine did an amazing job transforming my skin. I experience hormonal acne along my jawline, deep cystic acne on the cheeks and loads of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Francine is very knowledgable about treating acne, she's vocal about what procedure she'll perform and WHY the procedure helps the skin. Each time we meet, my skin is improving so much! There are less papules and pustules, the texture of my skin is a lot smoother and best of all, my skin is glowing like I've never seen...

Steve A.

To put it simply... Francine is the Best of the Best! After 4 months that began with a facial and analysis of my skin Francine has helped me look and feel my very best! Her knowledge of clinical skin treatments, technology and products is tremendous! I also like how she educates you on why she chose the skin treatment she is giving you... I'm thrilled that Francine has become a big part in treating and educating me to having healthier skin!

Claudia M

OMG!! Huge difference!! I am alive and my skin glows. Yes my skin just feels young!! Especially without foundation and no photoshopping done!! Love the serum. I can feel the difference. I love my skin now and just feel so confident thanks to your guidance and advice!

Margaret B

I was here today and it was a beautiful, relaxing, wonderful experience. I am the type of person that can be stressed even while getting a facial - and I was relaxed and trusting and that is really saying something!! I had not a care in the world while Francine Panelli worked her magic in me!! We had steam, cream, a creamy mask, warm steamy towels, and face and shoulder massage with the gentleness of a butterfly and the most glorious scents - and don't worry - if no scents is your thing, you have a choice - also I was asked about allergies and so I was confident that I was in good hands!! Literally! I finally feel like my skin is cared for - can't wait to come back to Francine again - and again... Union Street has a wonderful new addition!!! A Gem.

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Natalie R.
November 2, 2020
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I have battled with skin problems since my early 20s. Now in my 30s, I've decided to invest in myself and seek out professionals. I tried a few over the past few years, and finally found my skin whisperer. I have been seeing Francine for almost a year now and she has transformed my skin. There was 0 chance I would have considered leaving the house without foundation + concealer (see before photo). Her treatments have bettered texture, hydration, and nearly removed all the scarring. Her treatments have even helped with my melasma. Even though I had to stop going to see her throughout the pandemic shutdown, I was able to maintain the results by using her recommended facial products. I, of course, have been already back to see her now that the shutdown has been lifted and, as you can see from my today photos... I can be foundation + concealer free!
Emily V.
May 26, 2020
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Francie is the absolute best! Since I started seeing her my skin has dramaticly improved so I no longer need makeup. Her prices are so affordable for services and products. She has helped me and my friends with dryness, skin discoloration, and blemishes. If I ever have any questions she is always available with helpful answers. Francie is the only person I trust with my facials!
Hailey Y.
February 5, 2020
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Only great things to say. Francine really cares about improving my skin and is incredibly knowledgeable about skin and skincare products.
Ashley A.
February 28, 2020
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From the moment Francine greeted me, I felt welcome, relaxed, and like I was in the right place. I am so glad I went to Francine for my facial. Not only is she highly experienced in skincare, she's incredibly warm, honest, and fun to talk to. I learned a lot about skincare and she did good work to get me on the right track. I look forward to my next appointment as I work to improve my combo acne issues before my upcoming wedding.
Yesim O.
January 11, 2020
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I had stem cell treatment with LED light and it was amazing. Francine is very welcoming, friendly and knowledgable. She explained me all the steps of our facial treatment. She answered my questions about skincare in a very detailed way. She is very informative about skin care methods and products. I love the facial, it was very relaxing and I was glowing when I left her office. Thanks
Lena M
October 29, 2019
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I had my first facial with Francine a couple of days ago and was absolutely wowed by the experience ! First and far most Francine is extremely knowable in skin and skincare products so I got pretty good lesson on how to take care of my face . She explained every step of the facial and facial massage was fantastic , ambiance was relaxing and it smelled very good ! My skin feels and looks amazing ! Bright , firm and glowy ! I can definitely say this was very result oriented facial .
October 29, 2019
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I can't say enough about how wonderful Francine was. I had my first visit last week, and it definitely won't be my last. She was thoughtful, thorough, professional, and delightful. My husband said I looked 10 years younger when he saw me later that day. What more could I ask for!? I am thrilled that I found Francine to care for my skin.
Areeya C.
August 16, 2019
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If you're looking for a place to get answers for your skin, Francine is the person to see! I was originally looking at many other esthetician's to go to, but The Beauty Pro was the only one that caught my eye. From the website layout, to customer service, to finally meeting Francine, everything was perfect. I first contacted Francine regarding a few questions about the services offered, and she replied instantly despite me being in a different country at the time. When I finally came in, she was super respectful of my needs and really listened to what I wanted. Francine was super accommodating and took a careful look at my skin to see what it needed. I came in for my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation issue, and she helped me come up with a home regimen and gave a fantastic facial. I will be coming back in about 5 weeks, and I honestly can't wait for that check up!
Jessica B
August 24, 2019
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Francine is amazing! I went in for a facial and she went above and beyond tailoring the whole facial to my skin needs without worrying about how much time it would take. One day after my skin is glowing and hydrated! She also doesn't try to sell you overpriced products, just the stuff that you need that is good for your skin type. She also clearly explains why some of the products you're using today aren't delivering what your skin really needs. Looking forward to my next session already!
Kristina S
July 19, 2019
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I found this fantastic skin care specialist by searching for a specific Korean treatment that my friend experienced in Korea. I was over the moon with excitement knowing that Francine offered this FCR treatment. So far, two days post facial and my skin looks amazing (smooth, plump and healthier. Even my children commented on how smooth the texture looks. I left the facial feeling great knowing that my skin was hydrated and glowing. She took excellent care of my skin! I will be back for more treatments, as she did a thorough analysis on my skin, customized the treatment and checked in every step of the way. What an amazing experience! Recommendations when seeing Francine: - Park in the parking lot (I don't like tickets and I didn't have the pay by phone app). There's a small and pleasant walk from the parking lot. - Know the products you use on your skin and let her know - There are a tad bit of stairs to walk up to find her. But she's well worth the walk.
Brandi B
May 25, 2019
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This review is longggggg over due but definitely worth it. Francine is definitely the best, hands down. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my skin. Not only is the quality of work there but she also educates you on what's going on with your skin as well as recommends the best approach to treat those targeted areas without pushing loads of crap at you because she is truly looking out for your best interest of beautiful healthy skin. I will definitely will be going back !

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Allee Dong
May 2021
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FRANCINE is seriously the best. In addition to an amazing facial that is tailored to you specifically and what your skin needs, Francine takes a whole body approach in finding the root cause of your issues! She is extremely knowledgable, personable, and is truly there for you for all questions and concerns. I really cant say enough good things about her and what she's done for me and my self esteem. GO SEE HER 🙂
Lina Saidia
May 2021
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Francine is just amazing! I’ve been seeing her and following her advice for the last 3-4 months, and my skin has never looked better or smoother. No more breakouts, and any acne is minor and heals much faster. I’ve tried so many things that never worked or only made things worse over the past few years, and she’s the only person who was able to truly help me. Thank you!!!
Amanda S
Feb 2020
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I came to Francine with very irritated and sensitive skin. She was very careful and hooked me up with gentle, soothing balms to help calm down my skin. Thank you Francine!
Juan Felipe Campos
Feb 2020
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Absolutely incredible experience every time. Can’t recommend Francine enough! Excellent products, facilities, and care. 5/5 stars
Eva Reder
January 2020
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Best experience at a beauty place I've ever had. If you're struggling with light recurring acne, dry skin or any other skin issues don't wait to get professional help. Francine knows what she's doing. This is like getting a personal trainer for your skin. I've always felt like I'm using pretty good products and eating healthy but Francine explained lots of details that I'll implement into my skincare routine. She customized the facial to my skin type after a short consultation. I left feeling glowing and like I finally got my skin routine down. She also recommend two products to me that I bought but she was not pushy about it AT ALL and they were surprisingly inexpensive.
Tammy Blake
May 2019
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Finally! I found someone who truly helped me with my skin! My occasional breakouts and devotion to the sun has done years of damage to the overall texture and tone of my skin, until I met Francine.I have been seeing Francine for two years now and my skin has never looked better! Her Experience and education brings forth her multitude of applications based on varying skin types. Francine's unequaled passion for skin, emits warmly through her charm and self assured acumen towards her practice. She has truly brought my skin to its full potential! Thank you Francine for making, " No Makeup" a comfortable option with new beautiful skin! You truly are, "The Beauty Pro"!
Amira Janbay
June 2019
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Francine is AMAZING! She is dedicated to really understanding the science behind the skin and how ingredients in skin care products affect it. To say she is knowledgeable in her field is an understatement, she is BRILLIANT and her expertise is unmistakable, my skin has never looked better. In addition to her years of experience in the field, she also regularly attends advanced skin training workshops so you know she is constantly keeping up to date with new technologies and treatments in the industry and incorporating them into her practice as she sees fit (after her own research and testing). I highly recommend giving her a visit. I cannot say enough great things about this woman, she is a GEM.
Deborah McKnight
June 2019
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I had a milestone birthday this year and decided it was time to recommit to the health of my skin. While my skin has been relatively in good shape the texture had definitely changed and the loss of collagen due to hormones and aging were evident. I did quite a bit of research about procedures and estheticians and had tried a variety of options until I found Francine at Beauty Pro. My first appointment was through a Living Social deal and I now see her regularly. I am incredibly excited to be a client of Francine as she has over 20 years in her field and this is evident in how she is caring for my skin. She clearly customizes for what my skin needs and my skin is bouncing back. I swear my skin looks 7-10 years younger; all without invasive and inflammatory procedures. My skin is glowing again and I am beyond thrilled. I’ve been telling my sisters and friends about Francine and wholeheartedly recommend!
Kelly Solenberg
June 2019
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Francine is a miracle worker. She is meticulous in her approach and customizes every appointment based on my needs. I really appreciate how she explains the science behind the ingredients in each product so I know how they are absorbing and benefiting the health of my skin. I always look forward to coming back!