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Aging and Collagen Breakdown

Aging woman and Skin Care Product, cream

Collagen is the main structural component of the dermis providing strength and support to human skin. Collagen production in the skin declines with age, as much as 1% per year after the age of 18, which ultimately leads to aging skin. This decline is far more noticeable in skin exposed to regular UVA/UVB radiation and is linked with photo-damage with resultant photo-aging, hyper-pigmentation, collagen and elastin breakdown and cancer.

COLLAGEN synthesis and stimulation should play a role in ANY SUCCESSFUL ANTI-AGING regimen to treat aging skin.

Aging Skin - Younger and Older Skin Diagram for Skin Care

Did you know? Topical application of collagen within an over the counter skincare product has little to no effect on collagen production within the skin!! This is due to the fact that the collagen molecule is too large to adequately penetrate the skin.

See an esthetics professional and save money spent on skin care products that won’t help change your skin. Marketing hype is a multi-billion business and runs rampant in skincare treatment products.

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