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Acne 101: Hyperpigmentation

hyperpigmentation & acne marks, redness

Acne marks can show up in the form of red or dark pigmented spots. This is caused by Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (known as PIH), which can occur when your skin experiences an inflammatory wound, such as acne (or picking)

When you break-out the skin’s immune system responds to the bacteria and infection that is present in the skin, and produces melanin. Melanin’s purpose is to protect the skin when damage occurs. Since a breakout occurs in one ‘spot/spots’, this is where the pigment goes. The marks can last for days, months, years…

#1 Wear an effective sun block!!
Any UV exposure will make your acne spots darker and more difficult to treat. If you don’t protect your skin every single day from the sun’s harmful rays, all other treatments will be rendered completely useless.

#2 Boost over-all brightness by targeting all-over discoloration along with pigmented acne marks with an effective ‘lightening’ treatment recommended by your skin care expert or esthetician.

#3 Discuss effective and safe specialty treatment options for Hyperpigmentation. These can involve AHA treatments, chemical peels, FCR, Retinol Boosters and more….

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