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Acne 101: Don’t Pick Your Pimple

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Popping your pimple also spreads bacteria resulting in additional break-outs, but it also pushes the bacteria deeper into the skin. 

Instead, see your skincare expert or esthetician to treat these breakouts with a variety of specialized treatments as well as High Frequency and Blue LED.

“When you pop a pimple, you actually rupture the stretched and weakened follicle in your skin. This can lead to more breakouts and future scarring and larger looking pores .”

DO NOT pick your pimple!!! Try as hard as you can to resist touching, picking or popping any acne or blemishes that crop up. Instead, see your Esthetician for effective, targeted treatment.

You can topically treat your blemishes with a professional spot treatment. The one I carry is a blemish-clearing, powerful spot-fighting solution targets individual breakouts, penetrating the skin quickly to calm inflammation and fight the bacteria that can cause acne.

Other than spot treatments, the right daily regimen is a MUST if you currently suffer from acne. The quicker you manage your acne, the less chance you have of scarring. See your Esthetician for a customized home-care plan.

Sometimes, even if you try your best to prevent it, you can still end up with acne marks. Are there treatments to deal with acne marks and acne scars? YES!! Contact us, we can help!

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