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3 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Winter Skin Suffering

Winter Skin Care Steps

Here are 3 things you can do to get some relief and help maintain or improve a healthy skin barrier, especially during the winter:

  1. NO foaming cleanser, EVER! While we might like the squeaky clean feeling after using a foaming cleanser, those bubbles are doing NO favors! Foaming products will leave the surface of the skin alkaline and stripped of water and oil. The surface dehydration left behind will trap the oil from the sebaceous glands underneath the skin’s layer. Not only will this leave you with a potential break-out spot but the moisturizing serum won’t be able to get to the surface to lubricate properly. Your beloved ‘active’ ingredients won’t be able to penetrate into the skin either. An absolute NO NO. I have 2 non-foaming cleansers in stock that will clean your skin thoroughly and gently while maintaining a healthy barrier.
  2. HOT H2o =DRY, dehydrated skin. Lukewarm all the way baby!! If you have redness, try cool — not cold — water, to help constrict blood vessels.
  3. Spray-On-Moisturizer for hydration, all the time, anytime! Plump and moisture deep into the skin with heavy water, omega 6 fatty acids, and calming and soothing cucumber!! I carry 2 to choose from that are heavenly!

See me for your personal winter skin recommendations.